Red Ryder 1994 Mixed Media 52" x 72"

Red Ryder 1994 Mixed Media 52" x 72"

Judy North studied painting at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California and at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California. She taught at Bennington College in Vermont, the University of Califirnia at Davis and the San Francisco Art Academy in California. She is a Louis Comfort Tiffany Grantee, and a Marin Arts Council Grantee.

Judy has had many solo shows and been in numerous group shows throughout the country. She has been featured in Artweek, and many other publications. She is a member of the San Francisco Museum of Art Artists Gallery.


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Artist's Statement

I'm painting to reveal my feeling and perceptions. These are my observations and my navigations. My paintings are allegorical. They are meant to invoke in the viewer thoughtful questions about human behavior and our participation in the world we live in. Is there more than meets the eye?

From time to time everyone who examines his or her life experiences moments of deep unanswerable questionings, moments of dissatisfaction with even one's own good fortune. These moments create internal conflicts which are usually turning points in our lives. Once such conflicts become conscious, I believe they take on differing forms according to our own individual natures.

In my experience creative action allows a divine manifestation of these energies and with it comes a vitality that is palpable.

"I am devoted to the power of the light and the dark. I believe they live in true harmony with one another."

It is hard at this moment in our history to believe in any kind of harmony. There is so much polarization and projection going on, but it is incumbent on us to look into the face of the other and see ourselves. It is a spiritual opportunity.

Judy North 2015

The Art-Food Movement

Judy North has had the extraordinary experience and good fortune to be at the forefront of the Art/Food
movement in San Francisco.

In 1996, Judy North was very much a part of the success of the Slanted Door restaurant that opened on Valencia and 17th street (the Mission District) in San Francisco. Her large scale paintings were the main decor on the tall walls of the new restaurant. They provided an energetic and mysterious atmosphere for the very hip, inspirational and trend setting Vietnamese food that is the brainchild of the great entrepreneur, Charles Phan.

Charles has gone on to open 7 more restaurants (as of 2017) in San Francisco and is considered the father of the the Art and Food movement in the city. You can read more about Charles Phan in The New York Times.